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Holiday Craft: Christmas Tree

VMJ and I made a Christmas tree during her winter vacation. The outcome was beautiful and the tree proudly stood on our dining table for several weeks.

I had my baby boy on the Christmas day last year and all the guests who came to visit noticed and appreciated the Christmas Tree. 

 You will need:

  • Empty toilet roll
  • Brown and green paint & brush
  • Green chart paper
  • Green felt sheet
  • Decorations : Beads, buttons, bows, stickers, glitter
  • Glue for sticking
  • Cotton: a little for stuffing under the tree cone

Paint the toilet roll with brown color. If you are using a light green chart paper get your child to sponge paint on it with dark green water color. Once dry, roll out into a cone, secure with glue/stapler and balance it on top of the painted toilet roll using cotton as padding on the inside. Cut rows of triangles from the felt sheet and stick on the tree cone to give appearance of layers. Decorate with whatever material you have available with you, and enjoy your beautiful tree 🙂

Can also be made for Best-out-of-waste school competitions!

Happy crafting!