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The Husband’s Secret – Book Review 


The name piqued my interest when a friend mentioned this book for the first time. When she said it haunted her for a while I knew I had to read it too.

If you like books that have intertwining stories, deep characters, a buttery smooth flow of words and a plot so interesting that you can’t

 put the book down, it is THE book for you.

I loved the complexity of characters. You know how we think we are a certain kind of person but behave completely different way when life tests us? The Husband’s Secret has a few of those instances, and their narration along with each character’s thought process is fascinating.

Liane Moriarty seems to me an expert in human psychology. Places where she’s putting a person’s thoughts in words are the best bits of the novel – the monologue that goes on in Rachel’s mind as she sits in the bath after Tupperware party, the thoughts Cecelia is thinking soon after she finished reading the letter, the array of emotions that cross Tess’s mind as she’s talking with Will towards the end are beautifully captured.

The intense indirect conversation Cecelia and Virginia share about the secret is another part that I liked.

Its not a happy book, but its not depressing either. Its an enjoyable read and ends with the message of what goes around comes around. Its a tale of a crime committed in passion, a marriage with all trust lost, a loss one can’t forget, a huge misunderstanding and a shattered hope. The epilogue was my most favorite part of the book where the author paints a picture with parallel possibilities. Its pretty intense and will make you wonder about the innumerable choices you have made to create the life you have today and maybe fantasize a little about the parallel possibilities yourself. It sort of reminded me of One by Richard Bach. 

A story line like this which has a hideous secret in the very core can’t conclude with hearts and flowers. I actually appreciate that the author has kept the plot realistic and has stayed away from creating a sugary fallacy. The book started as a regular story with myriad emotions but with a happy feel overall. Gradually it became complex and when the secret was disclosed I wondered how could something so monstrous be corrected without hurting anyone. It couldn’t. The message is subtle but rings clear – no matter how nice a person you are, you have to pay the price of causing pain to another human, in one form or the other. It is sort of frightening to see how one thing leads to another and snowballs into a giant wave which engulfs everyone when it bursts. It is also creepy the way one action triggers another and a chain reaction ensues, the end result not at all related but surely caused by the first step of the series… A process that sometimes spans decades without diluting the impact. Made me wonder how my casual actions may be starting chain reactions of their own.


Overall an enthralling read, if only it had a happy ending! I would rate 4/5

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