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Is Rose Gardener Harry Potter’s Literary Twin?

At least a thousand high quality fiction books hit the shelves every year. I am amazed at how authors come up with newer stories and interesting personas so often. Sometimes, however, the characters share much similarity despite the polar opposite books genres they are a part of. 

I recently finished reading the Rose Gardener Mystery Series by Denise Grover Swank and realised that Rose Gardener and Harry Potter have a lot in common. Infact Rose Gardener also shares many similarities with another character Mina Grime from the book Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn (I’ll come to this in a separate post later). Here is why Rose and Harry Potter seem like literary twins:


  • Both have a special gift and are termed freaks by their families for this.
  • After they break away from their usual life both undergo a major transformation from shy to bold. 
  • Both make friends as close as family who are willing to go great lengths to protect the interests of Rose and Harry respectively.
  • Coincidentally both Rose and Harry have a big adventure in each book, most times its against one mortal enemy who was also the reason behind their parents death. 
  • Both grew up without their parents. While Rose did live with her parents, she was treated like a step-child by her mother (who we get to know later wasn’t her mother after-all) and her father was mostly lost in his own world before he died when Rose was still very young. 
  • Both have unhappy and lonely childhoods. Rose did have an elder sister to offer some support whereas Harry was all alone until he turned 11.
  • Both have a pet they care about a lot.  Rose has Muffy and Harry has Hedwig.
  • It’s not always pretty for both of them. There is a really bad guy and lot of serious moments in both the books. Rose as well as Harry have their share of setbacks. There is mystery, secrets and bloodshed in both stories. Both characters don’t have their way all the time but with every adventure they emerge strong.
  • One big villain in both books has his trusted soldiers and often it’s difficult to understand who’s playing from which side. 
  • In both books years old events have a bearing on present day situation. 
  • The grand finales in both books are full of surprises, secrets, deaths, changed relationships.

Of course it is a complete coincidence but the similarities are too many to ignore šŸ™‚

Please share your thoughts on this if you have read both the book series.

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Father’s Day Craft

Every year I think what can we do to celebrate Father’s Day. In the past years we have done a father-daughter picture enlarged and framed, senti father-child poem with hand print and a hand made card with hand print tulips. You can read more about how we made these here.

Last year we made a house craft with birds to show Papa and his 2 munchkins.

Last year was a big year for our family as we had our second child and had moved to US from India. During the move my husband had moved earlier, me and the kids had joined him about 10 weeks later. The baby didn’t care but VMJ took it hard and missed Daddy dearest too much. So on Father’s Day we made a craft to signify home is where Daddy is!

I and VMJ chose a small wooden house from our local craft store and then VMJ picked 2 colors to paint the house with. We also bought 1 big Papa bird and 2 small baby birds. 

Back home, we painted the house. VMJ did most of the paint job and I finished the edges. We then left it for a day to dry. Once dried completely we fixed the fake birds on the house. VMJ said since the baby is small and can’t move, he’ll stay in the house and since she is big she will be out with Papa. So, the bird on the roof with Papa bird is mademoiselle while the bird in the house is her baby brother. She wanted to do more to the house so we used alphabet stickers to write “Love You Papa” on one side of the house. 

My husband  was traveling on Father’s Day weekend so we made a photo collage of his pics with both the kids and shared a soft copy on phone. The day he was to come back VMJ wanted to make another special craft for him, so we did a rainbow with fruit loops. It also helped me keep her busy as she waited for Papa’s flight to land. 

Papa was so happy to see his gifts and took the house to work the next day to keep at his desk šŸ™‚

We are still thinking about what to do this year. Inspire us by sharing what you are doing this Father’s day!