DIY Calming Bottle/Glitter Jar

As darling daughter is getting older she’s growing more sensitive to the idea of time out. If I ask her to go in a corner she sulks and pouts and outrightly refuses to do that. But there are times when I do need her to calm down for both her and my sake. In order to make time out fun for her I considered making a calming bottle. Of course there was added advantage of doing a craft together which is darling daughter’s most favorite thing to do!

Things we used :

  • Empty glass bottle (I used glass bottle that came with Starbucks frapuccino)
  • Glitter glue 
  • Extra glitter 
  • Confetti and assorted beads/tid bits
  • Hot glue gun (to seal the cap close)

How we made it :

  • We squeezed out one part glitter glue in a bowl and added 2 parts hot water. 
  • Whisk it together until there are no glue lumps in the mixture. 
  • Pour it in the clean bottle and add confetti, beads and more glitter as per your liking. 
  • Let the mixture cool down. Once cooled, close the lid and seal it with hot glue gun. 

Now give it a good shake and enjoy the glitter floating in the liquid. Your glitter jar is ready!


  • It would be advisable to use a plastic bottle when making it for young kids.
  • If the mixture is not completely cooled before you close the lid, the plastic bottle may shrivel and ruin your efforts when it does cool down. 
  • Adding too much glitter glue would make the mixture too thick and glitter won’t settle down.
  • Closing with hot glue gun is important so the child doesn’t spill the contents while playing. 
  • This glitter jar is not perfect because the glitter does take a little long to settle down. I’ll experiment with other mediums and keep sharing my experience. 

Darling daughter enjoyed making the jar, she carefully chose stars and snowflakes from the confetti mix I got from Walmart. We used her favorite Frozen themed acolors and she was thrilled with the results. It’s another thing that we haven’t needed to give her a time out since we have made the calming bottle so I can’t really comment on its effectiveness… 😃

Do try this fun and easy project with your little one and share your experience with us!

Happy crafting!


PS. Darling Daughter loved these bottles so much that we made one for her visiting cousin sister, and even for her pre-K teachers as part of her graduation gift to them.


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