DIY Diwali Toran

Diwali is the most celebrated festival for us so I kinda go all out with my crafting and decorating skills. Not all of that makes it to the blog but if you have seen a north Indian Diwali you know what I mean. Every year I make a Diwali Bandanvar or Toran. A couple of years ago I had made a classic design which got very popular. Take a look here. Its very easy to do yourself or with kids and requires minimal material and time. There is also instructions and pictures to make the good old kandil. 

This time I have already made a wreath (see details here) and to compliment it I wanted to make something classy yet traditional, something not too flashy but yet rich looking.

I have been making paper marigolds since last few days but hadn’t quite figured out where to use them until today morning. The paper marigolds are absolutely beautiful crafts and look almost like the real deal. Since finding marigolds in the US can be challenging I usually make these every year to use for Diwali decoration. Here I have only stuck 2 hemispherical flowers to make a flower ball and added petals for some green color. They look great and are easy to make.

What you need:

  • Paper napkins in yellow and orange color (Available at Walmart in party section)
  • 1/2 inch wide ribbon in yellow or orange (I used the shimmery ones from Dollar store)
  • White Fabric petals (Available at Dollar Store) 
  • Acrylic green color for dyeing the petals
  • A strong glue/hot glue gun 
  • Stapler and pins

What to do:

  • First of all you need to get your marigolds ready. They are easy but time consuming. To make a marigold take a paper napkin (with color on both sides) and fold it twice to get a small square. The napkins are already folded twice but you need to fold them 2 more times. 
  • Now secure the small square by putting 2 stapler pins in the centre making a + sign.
  • Cut the square from the sides into a circle, and make small cuts throughout the peripheri. 
  • Now pick up the top layer of paper and crinkle it in the centre. Do it for each layer until there are only 5-6 left. Follow the picture collage to give you a better idea. I usually leave the last few layers straight. It saves precious time and doesn’t compromise on the look of the flower.

  • Dye the white flower petals in green color. The fastest way of doing it is to add some color and water in a big bowl and dump the petals inside. The petals that you get at Dollar Store are of stiff synthetic material and don’t stick to each other or crumple. Mix the contents of the bowl so the color gets on all the petals. Then spread them out on a newspaper and let them air dry. They should start drying off in 5-10 minutes only. 
  • Take a marigold and put some glue at its back. Stick 3 green petals one by one, arranging them in a circle. Using more glue stick one end of the ribbon along with the petals and finish by sticking the back of another marigold of the same color to get a ball like the picture below. 
  • Repeat the above step and make these flower balls throughout the length of your toran maintaining a distance of about 12 inches between 2 balls. 
  • To highlight the ball that falls in the centre of the door, stick 2 marigolds flowers closely on both sides. You don’t need to use the flower balls for this. 
  • Fix the toran on your doorway using small nails and a strong double tape. I needed 3 nails – 1 on each side and one at the top center. 

This is the final look:

It does go well with the wreath, don’t you agree? We love it, hope you do too. 

Happy Diwali 



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