Melting Crayon Art – Phases of Life

After our first attempt (see here) at the crayon melting art, darling daughter and I were pretty excited about trying our next melting crayon project. My Sil’s 25th anniversary was approaching and we wanted to make a keepsake for her special occasion. We decided to make a set of 3 paintings showing 3 stages of her and her husband’s life – as newly-weds, raising 2 kids and life as empty-nesters. 

What we needed:

  • 3 Canvas (we used 11 inches x 14 inches)
  • 6 packs of Crayola crayons (24 pieces)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Hot air gun
  • Printouts of shadow figures

What we did:

  • First of all we segregated the crayons from all 6 boxes into 4 piles – colors we needed for each of the 3 paintings and colors we didn’t need at all. We had selected greens and blues for painting 1, pinks and purples for painting 2 and yellows and oranges for painting 3. 
  • We decided the order for the colors to give uniformity to the painting, and glued the crayons to the top of the canvas in the chosen order using hot glue gun. This was slightly time consuming and required quite a few glue sticks.
  • After sticking the crayons on the canvas, we made a sort of canopy with a masking tape above the place we wanted to place the shadow figure. The masking tape acts as an umbrella and doesn’t let color drip down, leaving clean white space to highlight the shadow figure. 
  • We placed the canvas vertically on the floor and spread old newspapers under it to catch any stray color from getting on the floor. Using a hot air gun we blew air on the crayons. Within moments the crayons started melting and colors started dripping on the canvas. Blow air depending on how long you would like the drops. We moved the hot air gun from one side of the canvas to the other until we were satisfied with the painting, and then we let it cool. 
  • We repeated the same process for the other 2 paintings.
  • For shadow figures we looked on google images and took printout of the ones we liked. Then we cut the silhouette and stuck them on the canvas using glue. 

This is the final result of our hand work:

We were so in love with our paintings that we made 4 more, one each for darling daughter’s older cousins, one for her class teacher’s birthday gift and one for my best friend’s baby girl. 

These make great gifts and are easy to make. Do try them with your child or by yourself. They are a fun craft project for all ages.



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