DIY No- sew Halloween Costume – Owelette Cape

Halloween excitement is running high in our house since the beginning of October. With new decorations appearing on a daily basis in the neighborhood even Baby Boy is noticing and saying “Mumma, I want Holloween”.

The kids are crazy for PJ Masks show these days and want to dress up as Owelette and Cat boy this year. I have been buying costumes for them so far but this year I couldn’t find a decent Owelette costume anywhere and Cat boy costume is mainly a jumpsuit which would have been a disaster for newly potty trained baby boy. So I just decided to get them capes and masks with red/blue clothes underneath. 

2 days ago my husband’s cousin shared pictures of her children in Halloween costumes. Her daughter is almost the same age as mine and she was wearing a fancy Owelette cape. I immediately texted her asking where she got it from and she told me she made it herself! My Sil is super good with crafts and the fact that she managed to make the cape with 3 kids in the house makes her even more awesome. When I told her I want to make one too she gave me detailed directions and shared helpful tips. So this blog post is dedicated to her. I am only the messenger 🙂

It looks elaborate but can be finished in less than 3 hours after you have arranged for the materials. I made it when my daughter was at school. She was thrilled to see her cape and couldn’t stop flaunting it! 

Things you will need:

  • 1/2 yard Red felt fabric (Available at all craft stores and even Walmart but Walmart may be out of stock and may not have magenta for the feathers)
  • 1/2 yard Magenta felt fabric
  • Red ribbon to make the tie
  • 2 hair ties or bangles for the arm bands
  • Red thread and needle
  • Fabric glue/ Hot glue gun
  • Measuring tape and pencil 

I wanted to use Flannel fabric but Felt gives the cape a little stiffness. Felt is also easier to work with and can be washed in delicate cycle with little detergent and cold water.

What you need to do:

  • Fold the red fabric in half so the wings are symmetrical when you cut them and the placement of Magenta feathers can be done symmetrically as well. 
  • Measure fingertip to fingertip length for your child and add a couple of inches to it for the wing span. I made 36 inches across and about 30 inches long for my 5.5 year old.
  • Refer to the picture below and roughly draw the cape outline with a pencil. For the measurements I used, each feather was about 7 inches at the widest spot. Draw a dip for the neck. Don’t cut anything yet. 
  • To make a more symmetrical wing pattern don’t cut the red base in the beginning. After you have drawn the outline on Red, fold the Magenta fabric once and draw petal like shapes for making feathers.
  • Draw the middle 3 feathers first and since the fabric is folded once, on cutting you’ll get 3 pairs of petals. Cut a thin uppermost feather and the middle bottom feather at the end. Fill the gaps by making smaller feathers.
  • Keep the pairs together and arrange them on the folded red wing, and when you are satisfied with the placement of Magenta feathers cut the red wing like this by keeping a margin of 0.5-1 cm. 
  • Now carefully spread open the red wing, try not to move the Magenta feathers. If you see carefully you’ll notice that I have kept the Magenta feathers in pairs on the red wing. This is so I don’t have to remember or number the pairs. 
  • Arrange the feathers on the full wing and stick them one by one. I used a hot glue gun because I’m obsessed with it 😀 but you can use a fabric glue as well. In fact if your daughter is helping you with the costume forget hot glue completely. 
  • Once all feathers are fixed, you’ll need to sew the hair ties on both ends. I didn’t have red hair ties so I used the next best thing I could find – Bangles. You can use elastic too. 
  • Finish off the cape by sewing on the ribbon on the neck, leaving enough on both ends to tie in a knot. If you don’t want to sew you can use the magic hot glue gun to stick it on. 

The cape may pull at the neck if only supported by the ribbon. To avoid this I am planning on fixing it on the shoulders with safety pins. 

My friend Garima has made a similar cape for her daughter and she plans to fix it with hooks. For this you will need 2 small sewing hooks and sew it on the cape where it’s supposed  to touch the shoulders. After checking the placement on the child’s shirt you then need to sew the eyes on. That way the cape hangs on the shirt rather than on the neck and is safer.


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