Book Review: Finding Audrey (Sophie Kinsella)

I always turn to Sophie Kinsella’s books when I’m in a mood for some mindless funny read. Few days ago I was feeling under the weather and needed a cheerful book to perk up my mood. I rummaged through my unread books folder and picked Finding Audrey. I had no idea about the plot but Sophie Kinsella’s name was enough for me to decide. 

Finding Audrey is far from mindless and much deeper than any of her other books.
It is the story of a 15 something girl with severe social anxiety and her crazy family. The book has interesting characters – there’s Frank who’s obsessed with computer games, Felix who’s young and innocent, Mom who’s a neurotic and worries too much for her children, Dad who wants peace more than anything else and Frank’s gamer friend Linus who wants to know Audrey better. As other Kinsella books Finding Audrey is also witty, heart warming and funny. Especially some situations between Mom and Frank are so realistic yet funny that I was laughing out aloud while reading.

What I especially liked about the book is the little mystery that the author maintains about what really happened to Audrey to trigger her anxiety. Audrey keeps referring to it but doesn’t share the details. Another thing that I liked was that her recovery is discussed and shown in logical baby steps and not in a heroic sweep of love or bravery.

The book feels very happy overall. I was smiling and laughing through most of it. It’s one of her best. 

Happy reading!



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