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Product Review: Modern Twist Bib

I am not a huge fan of bibs with pockets. I bought a stiff one when VMJ was younger and it was a huge failure, since then I have regarded the whole category as utterly useless and just a marketing ploy.

However my perception changed during a visit to our relatives when my son was 7 months. Baby VSJ had recently started solids and used to make a huge mess while eating. When my husband’s cousin saw me using the regular cloth bibs she gave me a silicone bib to use which she was using with her 2 year old daughter. I was apprehensive but she insisted I try. Well, I had nothing to lose. And boy!! Was I surprised!

The amount of gunk that bib caught in its pocket surprised me. And since it’s soft silicone it’s comfortable for the baby, has adjustable buttons and is super easy to clean. I was sold!

My sister in law told me that she had experimented with a couple of bibs before zeroing down on this one, so it is a well researched option. One downside is that it is pricey. I would not have paid $20 for 1 bib had I not seen the magic but it’s worth each penny especially since you practically don’t need to buy another bib. After each meal time simply clean the bib with warm water and use a little soap in case the food was sticky, let it air dry or wipe with a tissue and pop in your baby bag if you are heading out. 


I immediately ordered mine and have been happily using since last 6 months. 

If you are looking for the right pocket bib for your bub or are struggling with post meal clean ups, Modern Twist is just the thing for you. 

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